• 1 August 2018, Wednesday
  • Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya 52/7

Design Thinking Camp 2018: Customer Insights. Eng

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Please note that we also have tickets for the live translation of this event (which you can also watch later on in a recorded format). You can purchase these tickets here: https://labwonderfull.timepad.ru/event/706296/


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1956 дней назад
с 0:00 1 August до 21:00 3 August 2018
Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya 52/7

Big summer camp for newcomers, practitioners, and experts in design thinking in Moscow, August 1-3 2018

For your attention: there are no more tickets left for the open program. If you wish to attend the camp in person, please, take a look at the selection of closed workshops, which also include access to the main program.
There are also tickets for the online streaming: https://en.lab-w.com/dtcamp2018#tic...


Design Thinking Camp is a landmark event of this summer dedicated to the design thinking methodology and its application in various business and social fields. World’s leading experts in design thinking, experienced practitioners of the method, and those who are just beginning to get acquainted with it will gather together in Moscow to share their experience and knowledge in the design thinking methodology.

We invited leading design thinkers from Deutshce Telekom, Tellart, R/GA and other companies to share their insights and their knowledge about the method and its practice. We will have lots of opportunities for networking and experience exchange.

More about the event at:  en.lab-w.com/dtcamp2018


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